Remarkable Episode 26

This week we discuss: The Facebook Killer, Sean Spicer, Political Spin, Household Chores,  Millennials (kind of), Yellow Springs, St. Patricks Day Review,  Internet Privacy and several tangents.

Remarkable Episode 25

We're thrilled to be back!  We hear you need our help!  For the record, because Saturday Night Live used most of the same topics as us, we recorded the day before they aired.

Remarkable Episode 24ish

Once again, we're back!  Pardon the poor audio and raw content, but we explain in the first couple minutes.  It's just good to be back.

Remarkable Episode 23

We're back again!  This week we do a massive festival recap and talk Olympics, weddings, and many other things.

Remarkable Episode 22

This week we discuss: Politics, Festival Updates, Random Remarkable Facts, Raffi and you all get to ride along as we unsuccessfully attempt to understand negative interest rates.  

*In the first section we discussion some colorful language choices.  Though we don't normally censor the podcast, the frequency of the language in the first 10 minutes led us to choose to censor the language for our listeners who listen in public or with kids around.  For the record, the rest of the episode is not censored (although I don't recall much language) and this does not mean we will censor future episodes.  Thanks!

Remarkable Episode 21

This week we discuss: listener interactions, polling, types of readers and Gordon Ramsey's top 5 things you have to be able to cook.

Remarkable Episode 20

This week we discuss: John Patterson, more Brexit, Texit, Hot Dog stands and Fishin'.  Plus we wrap up this season of Game of Thrones. 

Remarkable Episode 19

This week we discuss one of the most remarkable experiences of Anthony's life, Brexit, A Bank Heist, Happiness, and AI.  Make sure to check out the video that goes with Anthony's story.

Remarkable Episode 18

We're back!  This week we talk Harambe, black holes, The Licki, and we dedicate a fair amount of time to festival talk and Game of Thrones. 

Remarkable Episode 17 "No Jesse, Yes Brandon"

Jesse was out of town this week, so Anthony is joined by co-host emeritus Brandon Sharp.  The song at the beginning of the episode is "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" by Counting Crows, which is referenced in the episode.  The song at the end is "God of Loss" by Darlingside, which is also recommended.

Remarkable Episode 12 w/Brandon Sharp

We have an extra long one for you this week.  Near the end we have a debate about the legalization of drugs.  It is a little out of the ordinary, but we found it interesting, so if you aren't in to it, just know, it is basically the last topic.

Remarkable Episode 8 w/Ryan Garber

Our friend Ryan Garber (@GarberCo on twitter and @garberco_ on instagram) joins us to discuss this weeks topics.  

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